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It just rained, do I need to wash my car?

Posted 11/19/2015

Here in Central Texas and at our car wash locations in Waco, Bellmead, Temple, and Brownwood it has been raining a lot the last 2 weeks. If you drive during or after rain you will end up with road spray from following behind other vehicles.


What is road spray?

Water droplets that carry with them small bits of rock, salt, oil/tar, pieces of dead bugs, dirt, and much more. All of these tiny pieces may end up sticking to your car and being an active abrasive causing small scratches, eating away at your paint and clear coat. Washing your car is important to prevent buildup and damage to the paint and clear coats.

So, you may not drive a lot, is there any reason to wash my car after it rains?
Yes, it it highly recommended to wash your car even if it is parked (outdoors) while it is raining. Rain itself acts as a filter as it is falling it collects contaminates as it falls. These contaminates can range anything from simple dust and pollen to acids and chemicals, furthermore rain drops can hit trees and collect bits of sap and other abrasives that also degrade your paint and clear coat.

Digitally Sharpened Water Spot on carDigitally Sharpened Water Spot on car

This picture is from yesterday. It was from a parked car that did not drive during the rains, and it picked up a large amount of solids just from the rain over the last few days. The photo was digitally 'sharpened' to show particulate solids in the water spots.


What can I do to clean and protect my car and paint?

A car wash with our Shine and Protect or higher will wash away the contaminates of most road spray and water spots from recent rains. If you have road spray so badly that you can see oils and solids on your windshield, actively preventing you from adequately cleaning your path of vision even when using washer fluid, you may need to use the Ultimate wash with the extreme pre-clean to get the hard grime and oils off your car. Don't forget with frequent rains we offer a great value with our unlimited wash passes so you can keep your car clean and protected year around, and as always free vacuums after your wash to get the interior detailing you need to keep your car looking its best.

Get your Shine and Protect or Ultimate car wash or Unlimited wash passes at the following locations:

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