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What's the best way to handle bugs, tar and other stuck on items at our car wash?

Posted 2/5/2016

We've all been here at some point, driving along the road and a near plague of grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, gnats, ladybugs, or other insects decide to sacrifice themselves at the front grill of the vehicle, covering the front license, bumper, grill, headlights, fog lights etc with their remains. These insects if not washed off within hours, then dry and stick there like they are made of glue.



We have all that you need to remove these insects from your car available at the entry booth, simply purchase the Bug & Tar Remover along with the Ultimate wash package which is highly recommended as it has an additional Bug Off treatment. Pull up to the wash or stop behind the closest car, put your car in park (obviously), and open the Bug & Tar remover moist towelette and quickly rub the towel over the bumper, grill headlights, fog lights and other tough areas. You can apply a bit extra pressure on areas that feel like they may be very stuck on, and then get back in the car and resume the wash. The pre-wash service staff will use the scrub brushes or the power washer to help aid in the removal of the remaining insects. After the wash is complete immediately check your car for trouble areas, if any bugs remain fold over the purchased towelette (or buy a new one if you wish to not get a little icky), and use the Bug & Tar Remover on the trouble areas to remove them and then return to the tunnel for a complimentary express wash and dry to remove the solvents of treatment from the paint and body of your car.

After washing and drying, I can still see really small off color areas where the bugs were, why can't you wash this away?

The bugs contain various acids, and when they stay on the paint or body for an extended time, they actually eat away layers of the clear coat and paint. Unfortunately we cannot remove these, you may find that using a buffer will help smooth them away, and applying a wax coating evenly in the area will help to shine and protect it from further damage for a short time. It is best to keep the car waxed to help keep a good layer of protection between your paint and body and the bugs or other corrosive natural enemies like birds, pollen, tree sap, and leaves.
Our Ultimate plan includes three waxes and a surface protectant, which preserves a vehicle’s clear coat surface to defend against those pesky corrosives. Remember when you get these corrosives on the car it is best to get them off as soon as possible, and we have monthly passes that cost less than a dollar a day and allow you to have a 'rapid response wash' to keeping your car paint and body in its best shape.